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As a homeowner living and working in the Hill Country region of Texas, I know there are three main things that people in the area, including myself, are looking for from their homes:

  • Comfort: We all want homes that feel cozy and warm or cool and comfortable when we need them to be. Our services help you take control over your home’s climate so you’re not constantly adjusting your thermostat.

  • Performance: Optimal comfort should not equate to high utility and energy costs. We want your home to performing efficiently and effectively, not just effectively.

  • Health: A comfortable, highly performing home has the added benefit of being healthier than a poorly performing home. When you control what air goes in and out of your home, you can improve indoor air quality.

How to improve the comfort, efficiency and health of your home:

Start with us

The first step to improving your home’s performance is having a certified energy rater perform an energy audit or assessment on your home. An energy audit is like a comprehensive doctor’s checkup. We determine what your home’s performance symptoms are and where they originate. Once we’ve identified the problems, we provide a range of options that will help you fix those problems. The options often range from DIY jobs to full blown home retrofits. We always fit our suggestions to your budget and try to get you as big a return on investment as possible. To learn more about our Home Energy Audit process, visit our audit page HERE!

Home Performance Upgrades

Once our audit is complete, we can leave you to complete the work at your own pace and find your own contractor or we can act as a consultant throughout the upgrade process, suggesting partner contractors and walking you through every step of the project. As a third party, objective, home energy rater, we’ll be there to make recommendations on what’s best for your home, not what’s best for our sales goals or a specific area of expertise.

To schedule a home consultation or energy audit or to learn more about our services, contact us today!

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