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Home Energy Audits

We offer home energy audits and assessments for Greater Sacramento and Hill Country area homes to homeowners, realtors and contractors. While the goal of an audit is always the same, to identify weaknesses in your home’s performance that contribute to poor home comfort, efficiency and health, we cater our audit reports to the needs of each specific client. The process stays the same, but you’ll get a custom tailored report that supports your need as either a contractor, homeowner or realtor.

The Process

A home energy audit is comprised of an array of tests that pinpoint home performance issues and their sources. Areas we test include:

  • The Building Envelope (Insulation, air sealing, windows, doors, walls, etc.)
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Basements and Crawlspaces
  • Ductwork and Ventilation

We employ different tests to evaluate the various areas listed above. We start by doing a visual walkthrough and listening to your concerns to see if there are any glaring issues present. We then proceed with data driven tests to see how your home stacks up against national standards and to put a number to its performance.

Blower Door Tests

One of the most illuminating tests we perform as part of our energy audits is a blower door test. This test involves using a “blower door” to seal off your home’s main entry way. Once all of your other windows have been closed and secured and fan within the blower door is switched on. We use the fan to pressurize your home to a certain level and then monitor how much air it takes to keep your home at this pressure. From there we can determine how much air is entering and escaping your home per hour under normal conditions.

If a home is too leaky, it wastes energy and runs the risk of having unhealthy indoor air. It is also difficult to maintain a consistent climate in a leaky home. On the other hand, if a home is too tightly sealed, we would need to evaluate its insulation to ensure that a proper amount of fresh air is being provided to inhabitants.

Thermal Imaging Diagnostics

Once a home is pressurized by the blower door, we walk through with a thermal camera to identify areas with poor insulation, and locations of possible air leaks. The increased pressure helps to accentuate areas with high air flow or temperature changes. A blower door test paired with thermal imaging can illuminate much of the low hanging, home performance fruit within a home. When corrected, the issues identified through these two tests provide a great return on investment.

To dig deeper into a home’s performance, we then evaluate mechanical systems to see if they are sized correctly for the home and whether they are running efficiently. Ducts and ventilation are often tied to mechanical systems so we also look to these areas to ensure that they are clean, well sealed and performing as expected.

Audit Reports for Homeowners

Once we’ve completed all our tests we provide a comprehensive report that goes over all the tests we’ve run and the results of those tests. The second, and most important, part of the report outlines recommended changes that will enhance the home’s performance and improve its comfort, efficiency, durability and health. The recommendations range from DIY jobs to full blown retrofits. As a homeowner, it’s up to you what you want to complete and when. We can suggest contractors and consult on the improvement process or let you handle the next steps on your own.

To learn more about our audits or to schedule an assessment, contact us today!