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With building codes and energy requirements constantly changing, it’s hard to keep track of what’s expected from your new or existing home project. In our fast paced, San Antonio and Hill Country building environment, it’s hard to transition from old codes to new codes and know exactly what the national standards are.

This is where we come in. We make the transition to new, more efficient building practices smooth and easy by evaluating your projects and consulting on where adjustments can be made to increase home performance.

Building Code Evaluation and Education

New Home Consulting and Testing

As a HERS Rater, BPI Certified Home Performance consultant and Energy Star partner, we can evaluate and advise on your project from start to finish, showing you where home performance improvement measures could be incorporated or improved. This will help you produce a home that is not only up to code, but also more comfortable, efficient and healthy for it’s inhabitants. Whether you need a final test out to verify your project once complete or strategic consulting throughout the building process, we can help improve your practices or validate the final product.

Existing Home Consulting and Testing

For existing home projects, we offer rating and auditing services to either verify your work or to help identify home performance issues at their source so you can provide the greatest return on investment to your clients. We can either come in before you begin your work and determine the best areas to focus upgrades so that you’ll get the most out of your client’s budget or we can come in after your work is complete to verify what you have done and demonstrate to the homeowner how well their home is performing.

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Our Services:

Home Energy Audits

Commercial Energy Audits

Home Performance Consulting

Infrared Diagnostics

HERS Ratings